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another word for volta


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  • Lavosh

    noun a round thin Middle Eastern bread that is soft like a tortilla or hard like a cracker; also written lahvosh , lavash , lawaash , lawasha ; also called Armenian cracker bread , cracker bread , paraki Usage Note cooking

  • Lawaash

    noun See lavosh

  • Law-abiding

    [law-uh-bahy-ding] /ˈlɔ əˌbaɪ dɪŋ/ adjective 1. obeying or keeping the law; obedient to law: law-abiding citizens. adjective 1. adhering more or less strictly to the laws: a law-abiding citizen adj. 1839, from law + abiding.

  • Law agent

    noun 1. (in Scotland) a solicitor holding a certificate from the Law Society of Scotland and thereby entitled to appear for a client in any Sheriff Court

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