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strict control of crime and repression of violence, sometimes involving the possible restriction of civil rights.
(modifier) favouring or advocating strong measures to suppress crime and violence: a law-and-order candidate
Strict enforcement of laws, especially for controlling crime. For example, Our candidate is always talking about law and order. The concept behind this term was stated by Aristotle. Today, however, it also carries the implication of infringing on civil rights in the course of too arduous law enforcement. [ Late 1500s ]


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  • Lawbook

    [law-boo k] /ˈlɔˌbʊk/ noun 1. a book consisting or treating of laws, legal issues, or cases that have been adjudicated.

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    [law-brey-ker] /ˈlɔˌbreɪ kər/ noun 1. a person who breaks or violates the law. /ˈlɔːˌbreɪkə/ noun 1. a person who breaks the law 2. (informal) something that does not conform with legal standards or requirements n. also law-breaker, mid-15c., from law + agent noun from break (v.).

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