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[leef-lit] /ˈlif lɪt/

a small flat or folded sheet of printed matter, as an advertisement or notice, usually intended for free distribution.
one of the separate blades or divisions of a .
a small leaflike part or structure.
a small or young .
verb (used with object), leafleted or leafletted, leafleting or leafletting.
to distribute leaflets or handbills to or among:
Campaign workers leafleted shoppers at the mall.
verb (used without object), leafleted or leafletted, leafleting or leafletting.
to distribute leaflets.
a printed and usually folded sheet of paper for distribution, usually free and containing advertising material or information about a political party, charity, etc
any of the subdivisions of a compound leaf such as a fern leaf
(loosely) any small leaf or leaflike part
to distribute printed leaflets (to): they leafleted every flat in the area

1787 as a term in botany; 1867 as a term in printing and publication; diminutive of leaf (n.)

A newspaperman asked the British authorities for a copy of the leaflets distributed in Germany by British airplanes. According to the London Daily Herald, his request was refused with the following answer: “Copies are not given out, as they might fall into enemy hands.” [“The Living Age” magazine, Sept. 1939-Feb. 1940]

A small leaf or leaflike part, especially one of the blades or divisions of a compound leaf.


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