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[lee-kij] /ˈli kɪdʒ/

an act of ; .
something that in or out.
the amount that in or out.
Commerce. an allowance for loss by .
Physics, Electricity. the loss of all or part of a useful agent, as of the electric current that flows through an insulator (leakage current) or of the magnetic flux that passes outside useful flux circuits (leakage flux)
the act or an instance of leaking
something that escapes or enters by a leak
(commerce) an allowance made for partial loss (of stock, etc) due to leaking


late 15c., from leak (v.) + -age.


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    [lee-kuh ns] /ˈli kəns/ noun, Electricity. 1. the reciprocal of the resistance of insulation.

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    [leek] /lik/ noun 1. an unintended hole, crack, or the like, through which liquid, gas, light, etc., enters or escapes: a leak in the roof. 2. an act or instance of leaking. 3. any means of unintended entrance or escape. 4. Electricity. the loss of current from a conductor, usually resulting from poor insulation. 5. […]

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    [leek-proof] /ˈlikˌpruf/ adjective 1. designed to prevent : a leakproof bottle.

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