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Leave someone alone

Also, let someone alone. Refrain from disturbing or interfering with someone. For example, She’ll manage very well if you just leave her alone, or Stop teasing the dog; let him alone. [ c. 1400 ]
Also see: let be


Read Also:

  • Leave someone flat

    verb phrase To leave a person suddenly and definitively: When he lied once too often she left him flat (1902+)

  • Leave someone holding the bag

    verb phrase [fr 1600s give the bag to hold, ”victimize in a game of snipe-hunt”; the form hold the sack in the first sense is found by 1904]

  • Leave someone in peace

    Avoid disturbing or bothering someone, as in It’s best to leave Dean in peace when he’s paying the bills . This expression uses peace in the sense of “undisturbed,” a usage dating from the early 1200s. Also see

  • Leave someone in the lurch

    verb phrase To abandon someone in a difficult plight: They all cleared out and left me in the lurch (1596+) see: leave in the lurch

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