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[li-nit-ik] /lɪˈnɪt ɪk/



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  • Lenite

    [luh-nahyt] /ləˈnaɪt/ Phonetics verb (used without object), lenited, leniting. 1. to undergo lenition; be pronounced with weakened articulation, as when the consonant sound p changes to b, b to v, or v to w. verb (used with object), lenited, leniting. 2. to cause (a consonant sound) to lenite.

  • Lenis

    [lee-nis, ley-] /ˈli nɪs, ˈleɪ-/ Phonetics adjective 1. pronounced with relatively weak muscular tension and breath pressure, resulting in weak sound effect: in stressed or unstressed position, (b, d, g, j, v, th̸, z, and zh) are lenis in English, as compared with (p, t, k, ch, f, th, s, and sh), which are fortis. […]

  • Lenni-lenape

    [len-ee] /ˈlɛn i/ noun 1. (defs 5, 6).

  • Lennon

    [len-uh n] /ˈlɛn ən/ noun 1. John, 1940–80, English singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the Beatles. /ˈlɛnən/ noun 1. John (Ono), original name John Winston Lennon. 1940–80, English rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter: member of the Beatles (1962–70). His subsequent recordings, many in collaboration with his wife Yoko Ono, include “Instant Karma” (1970), Imagine (1971), […]

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