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[lee-bruh, lahy-] /ˈli brə, ˈlaɪ-/

noun, genitive Librae
[lee-brahy, lahy-bree] /ˈli braɪ, ˈlaɪ bri/ (Show IPA), for 1.
Astronomy. the Balance, a zodiacal constellation between Virgo and Serpens.

noun (pl) -brae (-briː)
an ancient Roman unit of weight corresponding to 1 pound, but equal to about 12 ounces
noun (Latin genitive) Librae (ˈliːbriː)
(astronomy) a small faint zodiacal constellation in the S hemisphere, lying between Virgo and Scorpius on the ecliptic

(astrology) born under or characteristic of Libra

zodiac constellation, late Old English, from Latin libra, literally “pound, balance,” from Mediterranean base *lithra- “a scale.” Nativized in Old Norse as skala-merki.
A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Scorpius and Virgo. Libra (the Scales or Balance) is the seventh sign of the zodiac.


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