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Life lesson

something from which useful knowledge or principles can be learned


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  • Lifelike

    [lahyf-lahyk] /ˈlaɪfˌlaɪk/ adjective 1. resembling or simulating real : a lifelike portrait. /ˈlaɪfˌlaɪk/ adjective 1. closely resembling or representing life adj. 1610s, “likely to live,” from life (n.) + like (adj.). Meaning “exactly like the living original” is from 1725.

  • Lifeline

    [lahyf-lahyn] /ˈlaɪfˌlaɪn/ noun 1. a , fired across a ship or boat, by means of which a hawser for a breeches buoy may be hauled aboard. 2. a or rope for saving , as one attached to a lifeboat. 3. any of various running above the decks, spars, etc., of a ship or boat to […]

  • Life-list

    noun 1. a list of species sighted and identified by a bird watcher or naturalist over a lifetime.

  • Lifelong

    [lahyf-lawng, -long] /ˈlaɪfˌlɔŋ, -ˌlɒŋ/ adjective 1. lasting or continuing through all or much of one’s life: lifelong regret. /ˈlaɪfˌlɒŋ/ adjective 1. lasting for or as if for a lifetime adj. also life-long, “continuing a lifetime,” 1855, from life (n.) + long (adj.).

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