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a particular order or disposition of persons or things as arranged or drawn up for action, inspection, etc.
the persons or things themselves.
(in police investigations) a group of persons, including suspects in a crime, lined up to allow inspection and possible identification by the victim or victims of that crime.
Sports. the list of the participating players in a game together with their positions:
to announce the starting lineup of a game.
an organization of people, companies, etc., for some common purpose:
a lineup of support for the new tax bill.
an overall schedule of programs, events, activities, etc.:
the fall lineup of TV programs.
a list of products or services offered by a manufacturer or organization:
Does the company’s lineup of new cars this year include a convertible?

also line-up, from line (v.2) + up. The baseball version (1889) is older than the police version (1907).



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