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[lit-uh-rer-ee] /ˈlɪt əˌrɛr i/

pertaining to or of the nature of books and writings, especially those classed as :
literary history.
pertaining to authorship:
literary style.
versed in or acquainted with literature; well-read.
engaged in or having the profession of literature or writing:
a literary man.
characterized by an excessive or affected display of learning; stilted; pedantic.
preferring books to actual experience; bookish.
/ˈlɪtərərɪ; ˈlɪtrərɪ/
of, relating to, concerned with, or characteristic of literature or scholarly writing: a literary discussion, a literary style
versed in or knowledgeable about literature: a literary man
(of a word) formal; not colloquial

1640s, “pertaining to alphabet letters,” from French littéraire, from Latin literarius/litterarius “belonging to letters or learning,” from littera/litera “letter” (see letter (n.1)). Meaning “pertaining to literature” is attested from 1737.


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