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Bachelor of Letters or Bachelor of Literature
Latin Litterarum Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Letters, Bachelor of Literature)


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  • Littd

    abbreviation 1. Doctor of Letters or Doctor of Literature Latin Litterarum Doctor (Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Literature)

  • Litten

    [lit-n] /ˈlɪt n/ adjective, Archaic. 1. 1 .

  • Litterae-humaniores

    [lit-uh-ree hyoo-man-ee-awr-eez, -ohr-eez] /ˈlɪt əˌri hyuˌmæn iˈɔr iz, -ˈoʊr iz/ plural noun 1. the humanities as a field of study.

  • Litterateur

    [lit-er-uh-tur; French lee-tey-ra-tœr] /ˌlɪt ər əˈtɜr; French li teɪ raˈtœr/ noun, plural littérateurs [lit-er-uh-turz; French lee-tey-ra-tœr] /ˌlɪt ər əˈtɜrz; French li teɪ raˈtœr/ (Show IPA) 1. a literary person, especially a writer of literary works. /ˌlɪtərəˈtɜː; French literatœr/ noun 1. an author, esp a professional writer n. “a literary man,” 1806, from French littérateur, from […]

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