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an authority on .
a compiler of a or .
a person who uses or favors the use of a .
a student or composer of liturgical forms


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  • Antilochus

    a son of Nestor and a trusted friend of Achilles. Historical Examples He then gave the half talent to Antilochus, who received it gladly. The Iliad Homer But Menelaus got up in a rage, furiously angry with Antilochus. The Iliad Homer But Antilochus noted a narrow gully, where the rain had collected and had carried […]

  • Antilock

    noting or pertaining to a type of motor vehicle braking system that electronically monitors and controls each of the wheels during braking to keep them from locking, as in antilock braking system; antilock brakes.

  • Antilogarithm

    the number of which a given number is the ; antilog. noun a number whose logarithm to a given base is a given number: 100 is the antilogarithm of 2 to base 10 Often shortened to antilog antilogarithm (ān’tē-lô’gə-rĭ’əm, ān’tī) The number whose logarithm is a given number. For example, the logarithm of 1,000 (103) […]

  • Antilogism

    a group of three inconsistent propositions, two of which are premises of a syllogism that contradict the third.

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