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[lah-noh; Spanish yah-naw] /ˈlɑ noʊ; Spanish ˈyɑ nɔ/

noun, plural llanos
[lah-nohz; Spanish yah-naws] /ˈlɑ noʊz; Spanish ˈyɑ nɔs/ (Show IPA) (in the southwestern U.S. and Spanish America)
an extensive grassy plain with few trees.
/ˈlɑːnəʊ; Spanish ˈʎano/
noun (pl) -nos (-nəʊz; Spanish) (-nɔs)
an extensive grassy treeless plain, esp in South America

1610s, American Spanish, “prairie,” from Spanish llano “plain, even, level, smooth,” ultimately from Latin planum “plain,” from planus “smooth” (see plane (n.1)). Hence, llanero “a Latin-American cowboy” (1819), literally “plainsman.”


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