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[lohb] /loʊb/

a roundish projection or division, as of an organ or a leaf.
any rounded projection forming part of a larger structure
any of the subdivisions of a bodily organ or part, delineated by shape or connective tissue
short for ear lobe
any of the loops that form part of the graphic representation in cylindrical coordinates of the radiation pattern of a transmitting aerial Compare radiation pattern
any of the parts, not entirely separate from each other, into which a flattened plant part, such as a leaf, is divided

early 15c., “a lobe of the liver or lungs,” from Middle French lobe and directly from Medieval Latin lobus, from Late Latin lobus “hull, husk, pod,” from Greek lobos “lobe of the ear, vegetable pod,” perhaps related to Greek leberis “husk of fruits,” from PIE *logwos. Extended 1670s to divisions of the brain.

lobe (lōb)



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