to love someone or something….mainly someone
-lobes muchness-
i lobe you lots
sleepy iphone texting of the word “love”.
“lobe you…drifting off 2 slumber now…”
to give “lobe” is to suck someone’s ear, and lick all around it. most of the time it is performed until the ear turns red.
guy one: “yo, guess who got lobe last night?!”
guy two: “no you didn’t! you’re the man dude! how’d it feel?”
guy one: “amazing, two licks and you’ll c-m.”
lobe is stronger than love, and can be used to subst-tute for love in any situation.
i lobe hugh jackman more than any other actor!
an earlobe, specifically. also could mean one of the four lobes of the brain: frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital.
man, my lobes need piercings.
a feeling you cannot expain, very similar to love.
lobe is equal to love but is different.
this person or object is special.

they or it gives you the feeling that you just want to squeeze them.
chad lobes mich-lle alot
a common nickname for a trend hopping h-m-s-xual.
“lobes is such a tool”
“lobes can’t stay hard in bed”
“lobes has a gay light crew lol, how f-cking h-m-”
“lobes has a lazy eye”

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