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a room, storage area, or the like within a sloping roof; attic; garret.
a gallery or upper level in a church, hall, etc., designed for a special purpose:
a choir loft.
a hayloft.
an upper story of a business building, warehouse, or factory, typically consisting of open, unpartitioned floor area.
such an upper story converted or adapted to any of various uses, as quarters for living, studios for artists or dancers, exhibition galleries, or theater space.
Also called loft bed. a balcony or platform built over a living area and used especially for sleeping.
Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. an attic.

the slope of the face of the head of a club backward from the vertical, tending to drive the ball upward.
the act of lofting.
a lofting stroke.

the resiliency of fabric or yarn, especially wool.
the thickness of a fabric or of insulation used in a garment, as a down-filled jacket.
verb (used with object)
to hit or throw aloft:
He lofted a fly ball into center field.

to slant the face of (a club).
to hit (a golf ball) into the air or over an obstacle.
to clear (an obstacle) in this manner.

to store in a loft.
Shipbuilding. to form or describe (the lines of a hull) at full size, as in a mold loft; lay off.
Archaic. to provide (a house, barn, etc.) with a loft.
verb (used without object)
to hit or throw something aloft, especially a ball.
to go high into the air when hit, as a ball.
the space inside a roof
a gallery, esp one for the choir in a church
a room over a stable used to store hay
an upper storey of a warehouse or factory, esp when converted into living space
a raised house or coop in which pigeons are kept

(in golf) the angle from the vertical made by the club face to give elevation to a ball
elevation imparted to a ball
a lofting stroke or shot

verb (transitive)
(sport) to strike or kick (a ball) high in the air
to store or place in a loft
to lay out a full-scale working drawing of (the lines of a vessel’s hull)


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