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[ey-dolf;; German ah-dawlf] /ˈeɪ dɒlf;; German ˈɑ dɔlf/ (Show IPA), 1870–1933, Austrian architect and writer.
Anita, 1893–1981, U.S. writer.
a card game in which forfeits are paid into a pool.
the forfeit or sum paid into the pool.
the fact of being looed.
to subject to a forfeit at loo.
2 .
Historical Examples

A soldier who lost his speech at the battle of Loos has recovered it as the result of an operation for appendicitis.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 150, May 24, 1916 Various

I learnt from him that things were not going so well north of Loos.
1914 John French, Viscount of Ypres

The district where we are now quartered is filled with refugees, among them some orphans from Loos.
War Letters of a Public-School Boy Paul Jones.

A wiring party in the Loos salient—twelve men just out from home.
500 of the Best Cockney War Stories Various

While there we were heavily shelled, as also was Loos, where houses were crashing to the ground every few minutes.
With a Reservist in France F. A. Bolwell

In the battle of Loos however all the interest was centred on men, men personally.
The Challenge of the Dead Stephen Graham

But, above all other, Oliver and Arthur (his loyal fellow) had the bruit and Loos.
Bibliomania; or Book-Madness Thomas Frognall Dibdin

It was during the fighting round Hill 70, after the Battle of Loos.
The Irish at the Front Michael MacDonagh

Thus he met his death (riding on horseback, I understand) at Loos.
An Autobiography Elizabeth Butler

The Regiment had already won its laurels at the Battle of Loos.
The Story of the “9th King’s” in France Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts

Adolf (ˈadolf). 1870–1933, Austrian architect: a pioneer of modern architecture, noted for his plain austere style in such buildings as Steiner House, Vienna (1910)
noun (pl) loos
(Brit) an informal word for lavatory (sense 1)
noun (pl) loos
a gambling card game
a stake used in this game
a variant spelling of lou

“lavatory,” 1940, but perhaps 1922, probably from French lieux d’aisances, “lavatory,” literally “place of ease,” picked up by British servicemen in France during World War I. Or possibly a pun on Waterloo, based on water closet.

type of card game, 1670s, short for lanterloo (1660s), from French lanturelu, originally (1620s) the refrain of a popular comic song; according to French sources the refrain expresses a mocking refusal or an evasive answer and was formed on the older word for a type of song chorus, turelure; apparently a jingling reduplication of loure “bagpipe” (perhaps from Latin lura “bag, purse”).

From its primary signification — a kind of bagpipe inflated from the mouth — the word ‘loure’ came to mean an old dance, in slower rhythm than the gigue, generally in 6-4 time. As this was danced to the nasal tones of the ‘loure,’ the term ‘loure’ was gradually applied to any passage meant to be played in the style of the old bagpipe airs. [“Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians,” London, 1906]

The refrain sometimes is met in English as turra-lurra.


A toilet •Chiefly British: everything you’d find in a powder room except the loo

[1940+; origin uncertain; perhaps fr Waterloo in proportionate analogy with water closet; perhaps fr the Edinburgh cry ”Gardyloo” uttered when one threw the contents of the slopjar into the street; Mrs. Virginia Burton of Lynchburg, VA, suggests it may be a pronunciation of French lieu, ”place,” in the phrase lieu d’aisance, ”toilet, lavatory”]


(also Loo) A lieutenant, esp of police: All lieutenants were called Loo (1990s+)


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