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[laws an-juh-luh s, -leez, los or, often, laws ang-guh-luh s, -leez, los] /lɔs ˈæn dʒə ləs, -ˌliz, lɒs or, often, lɔs ˈæŋ gə ləs, -ˌliz, lɒs/

a seaport in SW California.
/Spanish los ˈaŋxeles/
See de los Angeles
/lɒs ˈændʒɪˌliːz/
a city in SW California, on the Pacific: the second largest city in the US, having absorbed many adjacent townships; industrial centre and port, with several universities. Pop: 3 819 951 (2003 est) LA

city in southern California, U.S., founded 1781; the modern name is short for the original, given variously as El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles or El Pueblo de la Reyna de los Ángeles.
Los Angeles [(lawss an-juh-luhs)]

City in southern California, sprawling over nearly five hundred square miles.

Note: Second most populous city in the United States.

Note: A center of the entertainment industry; Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles.

Note: Los Angeles suffers from serious smog pollution created by industry and large numbers of automobiles.

Note: The scene of the Watts Riots in 1965 and of another serious riot in 1992, triggered by the acquittal of white police officers accused of beating an African-American man named Rodney King.


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