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Loss adjuster

(insurance) a person qualified to adjust losses incurred through fire, explosion, accident, theft, natural disaster, etc, to agree the loss and the compensation to be paid


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  • Lossage

    jargon /los’*j/ The result of a bug or malfunction. This is a mass or collective noun. “What a loss!” and “What lossage!” are nearly synonymous. The former is slightly more particular to the speaker’s present circumstances; the latter implies a continuing lose of which the speaker is currently a victim. Thus (for example) a temporary […]

  • Losses

    [laws, los] /lɔs, lɒs/ noun 1. detriment, disadvantage, or deprivation from failure to keep, have, or get: to bear the loss of a robbery. 2. something that is lost: The painting was the greatest loss from the robbery. 3. an amount or number lost: The loss of life increased each day. 4. the state of […]

  • Loss-function

    noun 1. (in decision theory) a function that expresses the loss incurred when a decision is made in terms of various factors.

  • Loss-leader

    noun 1. a popular article that is sold at a very low price or at a loss for the purpose of attracting customers to a retail store. Compare (def 4). noun 1. an article offered below cost in the hope that customers attracted by it will buy other goods

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