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Luck up

verb phrase

To become lucky: Before I lucked up (1954+)


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  • Lucky

    [luhk-ee] /ˈlʌk i/ adjective, luckier, luckiest. 1. having or marked by good ; fortunate: That was my lucky day. 2. happening fortunately: a lucky accident. 3. bringing or foretelling good , or supposed to do so: a lucky penny. [luhk-ee] /ˈlʌk i/ noun, plural luckies. Scot. 1. a familiar name applied to an elderly woman, […]

  • Lucky country

    noun 1. (Austral, slang) a jocular name for Australia

  • Lucky dip

    noun (Brit) 1. a barrel or box filled with sawdust and small prizes for which children search 2. (informal) an undertaking of uncertain outcome

  • Lucky stiff

    noun phrase A fortunate person: You’ve done it again, you lucky stiff ( first form 1914+, variant 1844+)

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