a person who, while being clearly ignorant in every sense of the word, is bestowed with financial, romantic, and professional success; not to be confused with people who have strong skills outside traditional mesaures of intelligence or practice clueless behavior to disarm their opponents–a luck-up is truly dim and impossibly lucky
tom: man, did you hear about harry?
d-ck: don’t tell me–he’s quit his job to start making kitty condos–and is wife left him?
tom: no, he sold his crusty crab franchise for $50 million.
d-ck: another $50-ball? that guy is amazing.
tom: yeah, and he traded up the wife for a 25 year-old physical therapist!
d-ck: that guy is one major luck-up

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    child of two h-m-s-xuals. that kid is a queerream

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    h-m-s-xual or extremely effeminate; a male who enjoys the company of another male. mark and nick wear mesh shirts to the woodlands gay disco night and love the sight of santorum. they are quite a pair of silky pants!

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