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[luhk-uh-lee] /ˈlʌk ə li/

by good luck; fortunately:
Luckily we had enough money.

1520s, from lucky + -ly (2).


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  • Luckiness

    [luhk-ee] /ˈlʌk i/ adjective, luckier, luckiest. 1. having or marked by good ; fortunate: That was my lucky day. 2. happening fortunately: a lucky accident. 3. bringing or foretelling good , or supposed to do so: a lucky penny. /ˈlʌkɪ/ adjective luckier, luckiest 1. having or bringing good fortune 2. happening by chance, esp as […]

  • Luck of the devil

    Also, luck of the Irish. Extraordinarily good fortune, as in You’ve the luck of the devil—that ball landed just on the line, or Winning the lottery—that’s the luck of the Irish. These superstitious attributions of good fortune date from the first half of the 1900s.

  • Luckpenny

    /ˈlʌkˌpɛnɪ/ noun (Brit) (pl) -nies 1. a coin kept for luck 2. a small amount of money returned for luck by a seller to a customer

  • Luck up

    verb phrase To become lucky: Before I lucked up (1954+)

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