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noun, Anatomy.
a network of nerves originating in the spinal nerves of the midback region and innervating the pelvic area, the front of the legs, and part of the feet.

lumbar plexus n.


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  • Lumbar-puncture

    noun 1. Medicine/Medical. puncture into the arachnoid membrane of the spinal cord, in the lumbar region, and withdrawal of spinal fluid, performed for diagnosis of the fluid, injection of dye for imaging, or administration of anesthesia or medication. noun 1. (med) insertion of a hollow needle into the lower region of the spinal cord to […]

  • Lumbar quadrate muscle

    lumbar quadrate muscle n. A muscle with origin from the iliac crest, the iliolumbar ligament, and the lower lumbar vertebrae, with insertion into the twelfth rib and the upper lumbar vertebrae, with nerve supply from the upper lumbar nerve, and whose action abducts the trunk. Also called quadrate muscle of loins.

  • Lumbar rheumatism

    lumbar rheumatism n. See lumbago.

  • Lumbar rib

    lumbar rib n. A rib articulating with the transverse process of the first lumbar vertebra; occurring only occasionally.

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