[lahy-see-uh m] /laɪˈsi əm/

an institution for popular education providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc.
a building for such activities.
(initial capital letter) the gymnasium where Aristotle taught, in ancient Athens.
a lycée.
noun (now chiefly in the names of buildings)
a public building for concerts, lectures, etc
(US) a cultural organization responsible for presenting concerts, lectures, etc
another word for lycée
noun the Lyceum
a school and sports ground of ancient Athens: site of Aristotle’s discussions with his pupils
the Aristotelian school of philosophy

1580s, Latin form of Greek lykeion, name of a grove or garden with covered walks near Athens where Aristotle taught, from neuter of Lykeios “wolf-slayer,” an epithet of Apollo, whose temple was nearby, from lykos “wolf.” Hence lycée, name given in France to state-run secondary schools. In England, early 19c., lyceum was the name taken by a number of literary societies; in U.S., after c.1820, it was the name of institutes that sponsored popular lectures in science and literature.

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