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lymphapheresis lym·pha·phe·re·sis (lĭm’fə-fə-rē’sĭs)
See lymphocytapheresis.


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  • Lymphatic

    [lim-fat-ik] /lɪmˈfæt ɪk/ adjective 1. pertaining to, containing, or conveying . 2. (of persons) having the characteristics, as flabbiness or sluggishness, formerly believed to be due to an excess of in the system. noun 3. a lymphatic vessel. /lɪmˈfætɪk/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or containing lymph: the lymphatic vessels 2. of or relating to […]

  • Lymphatic corpuscle

    lymphatic corpuscle n. Variant of lymph corpuscle.

  • Lymphatic duct

    lymphatic duct n. Either of the two terminal lymph vessels that convey lymph to the bloodstream: right and left.

  • Lymphatic leukemia

    lymphatic leukemia n. See lymphocytic leukemia.

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