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M2a swallowable imaging capsule


See video pill


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  • M2m

    abbreviation 1. (computing) machine-to-machine: concerning data communications between machines

  • M2tom3

    A simple Modula-2 to Modula-3 translator by Peter Klein pk@i3.informatik.rwth-aachen.de which covers most of the syntactic differences between those languages. No context sensitive analysis is done, so WITH statements, local modules, enumeration type literals and variant RECORDs have to be dealt with by hand. Part of the Sun Modula 2 library is emulated by the […]

  • M3c

    symbol 1. the amount of money in circulation given by M3 plus foreign currency bank deposits Former symbol M3 Informal name broad money

  • M4

    symbol 1. the amount of money in circulation given by M1 plus most private-sector bank deposits and holdings of money-market instruments Also called PSL1 A macro processor for Unix and GCOS which is more flexible than cpp. m4 copies its input to the output, expanding macros which can be either built-in or user-defined. m4 has […]

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