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[mahy-stroh] /ˈmaɪ stroʊ/

noun, plural maestros.
an eminent composer, teacher, or conductor of music:
Toscanini and other great maestros.
(initial capital letter) a title of respect used in addressing or referring to such a person.
a master of any art:
the maestros of poetry.
noun (pl) -tri (-trɪ), -tros
a distinguished music teacher, conductor, or musician
any man regarded as the master of an art: often used as a term of address
See maestro di cappella

“master of music, great teacher or composer,” 1797, from Italian maestro, literally “master,” from Latin magisterium, accusative of magister (see master (n.)). Applied in Italian to eminent musical composers. Meaning “conductor, musical director” is short for maestro di cappella (1724), literally “master of the chapel” (cf. German kapellmeister).
maestro [(meye-stroh)]

A title for distinguished artists, especially those in music. It may be given to teachers, composers, conductors, or performers. Maestro is Italian for “master.”

a frenzied woman

“Bacchante,” 1570s, from Greek mainas (genitive mainados) “priestess of Bacchus,” literally “madwoman,” from stem of mainesthai “to rage, go mad” (see mania).


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