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noun, Electricity.
Also called magnetic flux density. a vector quantity used as a measure of a magnetic field. Symbol: B.
magnetization induced by proximity to a magnetic field.
another name for magnetic flux density
magnetic induction


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  • Magnetic ink

    noun 1. ink containing particles of a magnetic material used for printing characters for magnetic character recognition

  • Magnetic-ink-character-recognition

    noun 1. . noun 1. the process of reading characters printed in magnetic ink MICR

  • Magnetic-intensity

    noun, Electricity. 1. that part of the magnetic induction that is determined at any point in space by the current density and displacement current at that point independently of the magnetic or other physical properties of the surrounding medium. Symbol: H. magnetic intensity See magnetic field strength.

  • Magnetic-lens

    noun 1. Physics. an electron lens using magnetic fields for focusing an electron beam. noun 1. a set of magnets, esp electromagnets, used to focus or defocus a beam of charged particles in an electron microscope, particle accelerator, or similar device

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