noun, Physics.
a region in a magnetic bottle where the magnetic field increases abruptly, causing charged particles that enter it to be reflected.
(physics) a configuration of magnetic fields used to confine charged particles, as in a magnetic bottle

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  • Magnetic-moment

    noun, Electricity. 1. a vector quantity associated with a given electric current, magnet, or the like, having the property that its vector product with the magnetic induction equals the torque acting on the given object. noun 1. short for magnetic dipole moment, electromagnetic moment magnetic moment See magnetic dipole moment.

  • Magnetic-monopole

    noun 1. a hypothetical very heavy particle with an isolated magnetic north pole or magnetic south pole. noun 1. another name for monopole (sense 2)

  • Magnetic-needle

    noun 1. a slender magnetized steel rod that, when adjusted to swing in a horizontal plane, as in a compass, indicates the direction of the earth’s magnetic fields or the approximate position of north and south. noun 1. a slender magnetized rod used in certain instruments, such as the magnetic compass, for indicating the direction […]

  • Magnetic-north

    noun 1. north as indicated by a magnetic compass, differing in most places from true north. noun 1. the direction in which a compass needle points, at an angle (the declination) from the direction of true (geographic) north magnetic north The direction toward which the north-seeking arrow of a compass points. ◇ The magnetic north […]

  • Magnetic particle inspection

    noun 1. (engineering) a method of testing for cracks and other defects in a magnetic material, such as steel, by covering it with a magnetic powder and magnetizing it: any variation in the concentration of the powder indicates a flaw in the material

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