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noun, Electricity.
the coefficient or set of coefficients of the magnetic intensity in any expression giving the components of magnetization as linear combinations of the components of magnetic intensity.


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  • Magnetic-tape

    noun 1. a ribbon of material, usually with a plastic base, coated on one side (single tape) or both sides (double tape) with a substance containing iron oxide, to make it sensitive to impulses from an electromagnet: used to record sound, images, data, etc. noun 1. a long narrow plastic or metal strip coated or […]

  • Magnetic tape drive

    storage (Or “tape drive”) A peripheral device that reads and writes magnetic tape. (1996-05-25)

  • Magnetic tape unit

    noun 1. a computer device that moves reels of magnetic tape past read-write heads so that data can be transferred to or from the computer

  • Magnetic-wire

    noun 1. a fine wire made from a magnetizable metal and used for wire recording.

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