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[mal-ee-uh s] /ˈmæl i əs/

noun, plural mallei
[mal-ee-ahy] /ˈmæl iˌaɪ/ (Show IPA). Anatomy.
the outermost of a chain of three small bones in the middle ear of mammals.
Also called hammer.
Compare (def 1), .
noun (pl) -lei (-lɪˌaɪ)
the outermost and largest of the three small bones in the middle ear of mammals Nontechnical name hammer See also incus, stapes

ear bone, 1660s, from Latin malleus “a hammer” (see mallet). So called for its shape.

malleus mal·le·us (māl’ē-əs)
n. pl. mal·le·i (māl’ē-ī’)
The hammer-shaped bone that is the outermost of the three auditory ossicles, articulating with the body of the incus. Also called hammer.
Plural mallei (māl’ē-ī’)
The hammer-shaped bone that is the largest and outermost of the three small bones (ossicles) in the middle ear.


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