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[man-i-kyoo r] /ˈmæn ɪˌkyʊər/

a cosmetic treatment of the hands and fingernails, including trimming and polishing of the nails and removing cuticles.
a .
verb (used with object), manicured, manicuring.
to take care of (the hands and fingernails); apply manicure treatment to.
to trim or cut meticulously:
to manicure a lawn.
verb (used without object), manicured, manicuring.
to give a manicure.
care of the hands and fingernails, involving shaping the nails, removing cuticles, etc
another word for manicurist
to care for (the hands and fingernails) in this way
(transitive) to trim neatly

1873, “one who professionally treats hands and fingernails,” from French manicure, literally “the care of the hands,” from Latin manus “hand” (see manual) + cura “care” (see cure). Meaning “treatment and care of the hands and fingernails” is attested from 1887.

1889, from manicure (n.). Related: Manicured; manicuring.


To care for meticulously •The standard sense ”care of the hands and fingernails” is found by 1889: Dutch farmers’ constant manicuring of the land has driven out numerous native plant and animal species/ the manicured playing fields of international finance (1922+)


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