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[man-hahym; German mahn-hahym] /ˈmæn haɪm; German ˈmɑn haɪm/

[kahrl;; German kahrl] /kɑrl;; German kɑrl/ (Show IPA), 1893–1947, German sociologist.
a city in SW Germany at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar rivers.
/ˈmænhaɪm; German ˈmanhaim/
a city in SW Germany, in Baden-Württemberg at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar: one of Europe’s largest inland harbours; a cultural and musical centre. Pop: 308 353 (2003 est)
/Hungarian ˈmanhaɪm/
Karl (karl). 1893–1947, Hungarian sociologist, living in Britain from 1933: author of Ideology and Utopia (1929) and Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction (1941)


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