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[man-ee] /ˈmæn i/

a male given name, form of .


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  • Mannikin

    [man-i-kin] /ˈmæn ɪ kɪn/ noun 1. . 2. any of several estrildine finches of the genus Lonchura, of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands, often kept as cage birds. [man-i-kin] /ˈmæn ɪ kɪn/ noun 1. a little man; dwarf; pygmy. 2. . 3. a model of the human body for teaching anatomy, demonstrating surgical operations, […]

  • Manning

    [man-ing] /ˈmæn ɪŋ/ noun 1. Henry Edward, 1808–92, English prelate and ecclesiastical writer: cardinal 1875–92. [man] /mæn/ noun, plural men. 1. an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman. 2. a member of the species Homo sapiens or all the members of this species collectively, without regard to sex: prehistoric man. […]

  • Mannish

    [man-ish] /ˈmæn ɪʃ/ adjective 1. being typical or suggestive of a man rather than a woman: mannish clothing styles for women; a mannish voice. 2. resembling a man, as in size or manner: a mannish youth. /ˈmænɪʃ/ adjective 1. (of a woman) having or displaying qualities regarded as typical of a man 2. of or […]

  • Mannite

    [man-ahyt] /ˈmæn aɪt/ noun 1. .

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