[mah-kee, ma-; French ma-kee] /mɑˈki, mæ-; French maˈki/

noun, plural maquis
[mah-keez, ma-; French ma-kee] /mɑˈkiz, mæ-; French maˈki/ (Show IPA)
the French underground movement, or Resistance, that combatted the Nazis in World War II.
Also called maquisard. a member of this movement.
[mah-kee] /ˈmɑ ki/
an evergreen shrub, Aristotelia chilensis, of Chile, having toothed, oblong leaves, greenish-white flowers, and purple berries, grown as an ornamental in S California.
noun (pl) -quis (-ˈkiː)
shrubby mostly evergreen vegetation found in coastal regions of the Mediterranean: includes myrtles, heaths, arbutus, cork oak, and ilex
(often capital)


1858, from French maquis “undergrowth, shrub,” especially in reference to the dense scrub of certain Mediterranean coastal regions, long the haunts of outlaws and fugitives, from Corsican Italian macchia “spot,” from Latin macula “spot, stain;” the landscapes so called from their mottled appearance. Used figuratively of French resistance in World War II (1943). A member is a maquisard.

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