[mar-uh-kahy-boh; Spanish mah-rah-kahy-vaw] /ˌmær əˈkaɪ boʊ; Spanish ˌmɑ rɑˈkaɪ vɔ/

a seaport in NW Venezuela.
Lake, a lake in NW Venezuela, an extension of the Gulf of Maracaibo: the largest lake in South America. 6300 sq. mi. (16,320 sq. km).
/ˌmærəˈkaɪbəʊ; Spanish maraˈkaiβo/
a port in NW Venezuela, on the channel from Lake Maracaibo to the Gulf of Venezuela: the second largest city in the country; University of Zulia (1891); major oil centre. Pop: 2 182 000 (2005 est)
Lake Maracaibo, a lake in NW Venezuela, linked with the Gulf of Venezuela by a dredged channel: centre of the Venezuelan and South American oil industry. Area: about 13 000 sq km (500 sq miles)

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