maracaibo is the second-largest city in venezuela after the national capital caracas and is the capital of zulia state., the estimated population of maracaibo in 2007 is 3,200,000 inhabitants. maracaibo is located in the west of venezuela.

maracaibo was founded in 1529 on the western side of lake maracaibo which is the dominant feature of the oil-rich maracaibo basin.

maracaibo also boasts one of the best universities in the country, the state university. la universidad del zulia (luz) is well renowned for its excellent law and medical schools. other major universities and schools include universidad rafael belloso chacin (urbe), with its excellent engineering school, and universidad rafael urdaneta, with one of the country’s leading psychology schools.

culture in maracaibo is very indigenous and autochthonic, is recognized in every state and city in venezuela, and is very influential with its gaitas, desserts, style, living, and customs.

maracuchos are extremely proud of their city, their culture, and all of zulia. they usually claim that venezuela wouldn’t be the country it actually is without zulia. they also have the most beautiful women in venezuela.

maracaibo “la tierra del sol amada”
a place that is better than caracas; a beautiful city in venezuela venezuela is in south america. venezuelans usually speak spanish.
maracaibo > caracas
city located in venezuela
boy: “where do you live?”
girl: “maracaibo, venezuela”
boy: “where the f-ck is that!?”

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