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[muh-reng-goh; for 1 also Italian mah-reng-gaw] /məˈrɛŋ goʊ; for 1 also Italian mɑˈrɛŋ gɔ/

noun, plural Marengos for 2.
a village in Piedmont, in NW Italy: Napoleon defeated the Austrians 1800.
a former gold coin of Italy, issued by Napoleon after the battle of Marengo.
(often lowercase) (of food) browned in oil and cooked with tomatoes, garlic, wine, and often mushrooms and brandy:
chicken marengo.
(postpositive) browned in oil and cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, wine, etc: chicken Marengo
/məˈrɛŋɡəʊ; Italian maˈreŋɡo/
a village in NW Italy: site of a major battle in which Napoleon decisively defeated the Austrians (1800)

of veal or chicken sauteed in olive oil and braised with olives, onions, tomatoes, white wine or brandy and often served with scrambled eggs; also written a la Marengo
Word Origin

named by Napoleon’s chef after Battle of Marengo
Usage Note



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