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[ma-seef, mas-if; French ma-seef] /mæˈsif, ˈmæs ɪf; French maˈsif/

a compact portion of a mountain range, containing one or more summits.
a large elevated block of old complex rocks resistant to both erosion and crustal folding.
a band or zone of the earth’s crust raised or depressed as a unit and bounded by faults.
/ˈmæsiːf; French masif/
a geologically distinct mass of rock or a series of connected masses forming the peaks of a mountain range
a topographically high part of the earth’s crust that is bounded by faults and may be shifted by tectonic movements

“cluster of hills,” 1520s, from French massif (see massive), here used as a noun in French; e.g. the Massif Central, name of the plateau in the middle of southern France.
A large mountain mass or compact group of connected mountains forming an independent portion of a range. A massif often consists of rocks that are more rigid than the surrounding rocks.


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