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Edgar Lee, 1869–1950, U.S. poet and novelist.
William Howell, 1915–2001, U.S. physician: researcher on human sexual behavior (husband of Virginia E. Johnson).
a person with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something:
a master of six languages; to be master of one’s fate.
an owner of a slave, animal, etc.
an employer of workers or servants.
the male head of a household.
a person eminently skilled in something, as an occupation, art, or science:
the great masters of the Impressionist period.
a person whose teachings others accept or follow:
a Zen master.
Chiefly British. a male teacher or schoolmaster.
a worker qualified to teach apprentices and to carry on a trade independently.
a title given to a bridge or chess player who has won or placed in a certain number of officially recognized tournaments.
a person holding this title.
a person who commands a merchant ship; captain.
a victor or conqueror.
a presiding officer.
an officer of the court to whom some or all of the issues in a case may be referred for the purpose of taking testimony and making a report to the court.
the Master, Jesus Christ.
a person who has been awarded a master’s degree.
a boy or young man (used chiefly as a term of address).
Also called matrix. an original document, drawing, manuscript, etc., from which copies are made.
a device for controlling another device operating in a similar way.
Compare slave (def 5).

matrix (def 13).
a tape or disk from which duplicates may be made.

Also called copy negative. Photography. a film, usually a negative, used primarily for making large quantities of prints.
master of foxhounds.
Archaic. a work of art produced by a master.
being master; exercising mastery; dominant.
chief or principal:
a master list.
directing or controlling:
a master switch.
of or relating to a master from which copies are made:
master film; master matrix; master record; master tape.
dominating or predominant:
a master play.
being a master of some occupation, art, etc.; eminently skilled:
a master diplomat; a master pianist.
being a master carrying on one’s trade independently, rather than a worker employed by another:
a master plumber.
characteristic of a master; showing mastery.
to make oneself master of; become an adept in:
to master a language.
to conquer or overcome:
to master one’s pride.
to rule or direct as master:
to master a crew.
Recording. to produce a master tape, disk, or record of:
The producer recorded, mixed, and mastered the new album.
a degree awarded by a graduate school or department, usually to a person who has completed at least one year of graduate study.
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Edgar Lee. 1868–1950, US poet; best known for Spoon River Anthology (1915)
the man in authority, such as the head of a household, the employer of servants, or the owner of slaves or animals related adjective magistral

a person with exceptional skill at a certain thing: a master of the violin
(as modifier): a master thief

(often capital) a great artist, esp an anonymous but influential artist

a person who has complete control of a situation
an abstract thing regarded as having power or influence: they regarded fate as the master of their lives

a workman or craftsman fully qualified to practise his trade and to train others in it
(as modifier): master carpenter

an original copy, stencil, tape, etc, from which duplicates are made
(as modifier): master copy

a player of a game, esp chess or bridge, who has won a specified number of tournament games
the principal of some colleges
a highly regarded teacher or leader whose religion or philosophy is accepted by followers
a graduate holding a master’s degree
the chief executive officer aboard a merchant ship
a person presiding over a function, organization, or institution
(mainly Brit) a male teacher
an officer of the Supreme Court of Judicature subordinate to a judge
the superior person or side in a contest
a machine or device that operates to control a similar one
(often capital) the heir apparent of a Scottish viscount or baron
(modifier) overall or controlling: master plan
(modifier) designating a device or mechanism that controls others: master switch
(modifier) main; principal: master bedroom
(South African, informal) the master, the man of the house
verb (transitive)
to become thoroughly proficient in: to master the art of driving
to overcome; defeat: to master your emotions
to rule or control as master
a title of address placed before the first name or surname of a boy
a respectful term of address, esp as used by disciples when addressing or referring to a religious teacher
an archaic equivalent of Mr
see: past master


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