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[muh-tur-nl] /məˈtɜr nl/

of, pertaining to, having the qualities of, or befitting a mother:
maternal instincts.
related through a mother:
his maternal aunt.
derived from a mother:
maternal genes.
of, relating to, derived from, or characteristic of a mother
related through the mother’s side of the family: his maternal uncle

late 15c., from Old French maternel (14c.), from Vulgar Latin *maternalis, from Latin maternus “maternal, of a mother,” from mater “mother” (see mother (n.1)).

maternal ma·ter·nal (mə-tûr’nəl)


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    [muh-tur-ni-tee] /məˈtɜr nɪ ti/ noun 1. the state of being a mother; motherhood. 2. motherly quality; motherliness. 3. a section of a hospital devoted to the care of women at childbirth and of their newborn infants. adjective 4. of, relating to, or for the period in which a woman is pregnant or has just given […]

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