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Maurice chevalier

[shuh-val-yey, -vahl-; French shuh-va-lyey] /ʃəˈvæl yeɪ, -ˈvɑl-; French ʃə vaˈlyeɪ/

Maurice (Auguste)
[maw-rees aw-guh st;; French moh-rees oh-gyst] /mɔˈris ˈɔ gəst;; French moʊˈris oʊˈgüst/ (Show IPA), 1888–1972, French actor and singer.
a member of certain orders of merit, such as the French Legion of Honour
(French history)

an archaic word for knight
a chivalrous man; gallant
(ˌʃɛvəˈlɪə). Albert. 1861–1923, British music hall entertainer, remembered for his cockney songs
(ˌʃɛˈvælɪə; French) (ʃəvalje). Maurice (mɔris). 1888–1972, French singer and film actor

late 13c., Anglo-French chivaler “mounted knight,” Old French chevalier “knight, horseman, knight in chess” (12c., Modern French chevaler), from Late Latin caballarius “horseman” (source of Provençal cavallier, Spanish caballero, Portuguese cavalleiro, Italian cavaliere; see cavalier (n.)). The word formerly was nativized, but has been given a French pronunciation since 16c.


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