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Meadow muffin

noun phrase

A large, flat, dried piece of dung; a buffalo chip: the meadow muffin, better known as the cow pie (1980s+)


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  • Meadow-mushroom

    noun 1. See under (def 2). [muhsh-room, -roo m] /ˈmʌʃ rum, -rʊm/ noun 1. any of various fleshy fungi including the toadstools, puffballs, coral fungi, morels, etc. 2. any of several edible species, especially of the family Agaricaceae, as Agaricus campestris (meadow mushroom or field mushroom) cultivated for food in the U.S. 3. anything of […]

  • Meadow-nematode

    noun 1. any of numerous parasitic nematodes of the genus Pratylenchus that infest and destroy the roots of plants.

  • Meadow-parsnip

    noun 1. any North American plant belonging to the genus Thaspium, of the parsley family, having yellow or purple flowers.

  • Meadow pipit

    noun 1. a common European songbird, Anthus pratensis, with a pale brown speckled plumage: family Motacillidae (pipits and wagtails)

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