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to make .
to operate or perform by or as if by machinery.
to introduce machinery into (an industry, enterprise, etc.), especially in order to replace manual labor.
Military. to equip with tanks and other armored vehicles.
Historical Examples

They tried to mechanize and rationalize God, but God rebelled against them.
Tragic Sense Of Life Miguel de Unamuno

“Tell the packers to mechanize their slaughtering,” Gelsen said.
Watchbird Robert Sheckley

The action of reason, on the other hand, is to mechanize or materialize.
Tragic Sense Of Life Miguel de Unamuno

To have skill at the piano, we must mechanize many performances.
The Science of Human Nature William Henry Pyle

But to mechanize the anchor-setting phase would destroy all that completely.
Anchorite Randall Garrett

Rural mechanics too idle to mechanize, rural servants too rebellious to serve, drifted or were forced into Mixen Lane.
The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy

Or they are reduced to a stereotyped repertory that is easy to mechanize, to automate, and finally, to do away with.
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin

Because they raised a single crop, the managers of the bonanza farms found it easy to systematize and mechanize their work.
North Dakota Various

verb (transitive)
to equip (a factory, industry, etc) with machinery
to make mechanical, automatic, or monotonous
to equip (an army, etc) with motorized or armoured vehicles

1670s; see mechanic (adj.) + -ize. Related: Mechanized; mechanizing.


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