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the spirit, practices, or methods of the Middle Ages.
devotion to or adoption of ideals or practices.
a belief, practice, or the like.
Historical Examples

But above all, it is reminiscent of a medievalism wholly different from that of Beowulf.
The Translations of Beowulf Chauncey Brewster Tinker

medievalism is attractive only when seen from a short distance.
Outspoken Essays William Ralph Inge

That great giant had not yet discarded the ways and habits of medievalism.
Philip Dru: Administrator Edward Mandell House

A country so energetic and advanced as Germany had clung, nevertheless, to many repellent principles of medievalism.
The Hosts of the Air Joseph A. Altsheler

It differs from medievalism only in degree, but not a whit in kind.
Exempting the Churches James F. Morton. Jr.

As imparted in the universities and schools, it savored strongly of medievalism.
The Hispanic Nations of the New World William R. Shepherd

And the customs of the town still have a savor of medievalism—bulls were baited within the memory of living men.
In Unfamiliar England Thomas Dowler Murphy

It is a medieval city modernised, but without the flavour of the medievalism being spoiled.
England Frank Fox

He feared to offend a nation of readers reveling in the medievalism of Scott and Byron.
The Translations of Beowulf Chauncey Brewster Tinker

In a land of democracy, even these last remnants of the scourge of medievalism are wiped out.
Exempting the Churches James F. Morton. Jr.

the beliefs, life, or style of the Middle Ages or devotion to those
a belief, custom, or point of style copied or surviving from the Middle Ages

1846, from medieval + -ism.


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