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an expert in history, literature, philosophy, etc.
a person who is greatly attracted to the art, culture, spirit, etc., of the Middle Ages.
Contemporary Examples

To exclusively view the haredim through a “medievalist” lens cannot get one very far.
Spare a Thought for Bibi’s Medievalists Daniel Levy September 27, 2012

Tragically, the medievalist Subreddit also never seems to address that tricky issue of serfdom—pro or con?
Five Subreddits You May Have Missed, and Probably Still Should Give a Miss Kelly Williams Brown April 4, 2014

Historical Examples

Yet I will venture to make even of these trivial fragments the high boast that I am a medievalist and not a modern.
Alarms and Discursions G. K. Chesterton

Associated words: medieval, medievalism, medievalist, medievals.
Putnam’s Word Book Louis A. Flemming

a student or devotee of the Middle Ages

1847, “proponent of medieval styles,” from medieval + -ist. From 1882 as “one versed in the history of the Middle Ages.”


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