performed, disposed, or acting in a systematic way; systematic; orderly:
a methodical person.
painstaking, especially slow and careful; deliberate.
Contemporary Examples

It was thorough and methodical, like a medical examination: a routine in which a professional inspects the body of a patient.
Tilda Swinton and Oliver Saillard Perform the Creation of Fashion in ‘Eternity Dress’ Sarah Moroz November 20, 2013

Bieber’s subsequent rise to the top of the teen-idol heap was as methodical as it was well-timed.
The Making of a Teen Idol Maura Johnston March 31, 2010

For all its methodical exposition, the conclusion disappoints in the face of such a wealth of compelling detail.
Is the Supreme Court Unconstitutional? Jonathan Blitzer July 13, 2009

Pete describes the local disarray in the methodical voice of the “Town Scrivener” he happens to be.
Jeffrey Eugenides Hails Donald Antrim’s ‘Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World’ Jeffrey Eugenides June 1, 2012

If Washington is to adopt a tougher stance toward Beijing, it needs a lot of methodical calculation.
Time to Get Tough With China? Leslie H. Gelb December 7, 2013

Historical Examples

No one has attempted the methodical preparation of the individual for the sensations.
The Montessori Method Maria Montessori

The actions of the mothers were as methodical as well trained nurses.
City of Endless Night Milo Hastings

The old woman went about her duties in a methodical way, finding a kind of relief in the occupation.
The Gold Brick Ann S. Stephens

The daily routine of the mission station is most methodical.
The Long Labrador Trail Dillon Wallace

Usually he was the most quiet and methodical of servants, but he had blundered several times in the service.
With Wolfe in Canada G. A. Henty

characterized by method or orderliness; systematic

1560s, with -al (1) and methodic (1540s), from Middle French methodique, from Late Latin methodicus, from Greek methodikos, from methodos (see method). Related: Methodically.

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