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noun, plural medulla oblongatas, medullae oblongatae. Anatomy.
the lowest or hindmost part of the brain, continuous with the spinal cord.
noun (pl) medulla oblongatas, medullae oblongatae (mɪˈdʌliː ˌɒblɒŋˈɡɑːtiː)
the lower stalklike section of the brain, continuous with the spinal cord, containing control centres for the heart and lungs

medulla oblongata medulla ob·lon·ga·ta (ŏb’lŏng-gā’tə, -gä’tə)
n. pl. medulla ob·lon·ga·tas or medullae ob·lon·ga·tae (-gā’tē, -gä’tē)
The lowermost portion of the vertebrate brain, continuous with the spinal cord and responsible for the control of respiration, circulation, and other bodily functions.
medulla oblongata
Plural medulla oblongatas or medullae oblongatae (ŏb’lông-gä’tē)
The lowermost portion of the brainstem in humans and other mammals. It is important in the reflex control of involuntary processes, including respiration, heartbeat, and blood pressure.


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