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[mel-uh n] /ˈmɛl ən/

the fruit of any of various plants of the gourd family, as the muskmelon or watermelon.
medium crimson or deep pink.
the visible upper portion of the head of a surfacing whale or dolphin, including the beak, eyes, and blowhole.

any of several varieties of two cucurbitaceous vines, cultivated for their edible fruit See muskmelon, watermelon
the fruit of any of these plants, which has a hard rind and juicy flesh
(US & Canadian, slang) cut a melon, to declare an abnormally high dividend to shareholders

late 14c., from Old French melon (13c.), from Medieval Latin melonem (nominative melo), from Latin melopeponem, a kind of pumpkin, from Greek melopepon “gourd-apple” (name for several kinds of gourds bearing sweet fruit), from melon “apple” (see malic) + pepon, a kind of gourd, probably noun use of pepon “ripe” (see pumpkin).

In Greek, melon was used in a generic way for all foreign fruits (cf. similar use of apple). The Greek plural of “melon” was used from ancient times for “a girl’s breasts.”


The sum of profits, loot, etc, to be divided: The stockholders have a meager melon to share this year (1906+)


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