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Membership function

fuzzy subset


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  • Membrana

    membrana mem·bra·na (měm-brā’nə) n. pl. mem·bra·nae (-nē) A membrane, especially a biomembrane.

  • Membrana adventitia

    membrana adventitia membrana ad·ven·ti·ti·a (ād’věn-tĭsh’ē-ə) n.

  • Membrane

    [mem-breyn] /ˈmɛm breɪn/ noun 1. Anatomy. a thin, pliable sheet or layer of animal or vegetable tissue, serving to line an organ, connect parts, etc. 2. Cell Biology. the thin, limiting covering of a cell or cell part. /ˈmɛmbreɪn/ noun 1. any thin pliable sheet of material 2. a pliable sheetlike usually fibrous tissue that […]

  • Membrane-bone

    noun 1. a bone that develops from membranous tissue. noun 1. any bone that develops within membranous tissue, such as the clavicle and bones of the skull, without cartilage formation Compare cartilage bone membrane bone n. A bone developed within the membrane of a connective tissue.

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